Google Chrome New Curvy Tabs Looks Very Cool

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In the past, Google has always stuck to a basic design of trapezoidal design of its tabs. But a new design in the Chrome Canary showcases a slope-shouldered look with curved corners.

Now, the inactive tabs can be seen merging with the browser itself by graying out in the background, separated by thin vertical lines. Moreover, the address bar and the Chrome new tab search bar has changed into a gray oval shape as compared to the earlier white square box.

A Chrome programmer, François Beaufort said: “Plenty of things have been updated for the better in my opinion: tab shape, single tab mode, omnibox suggestion icons, tab strip coloring, pinned tabs, and alert indicators.”

Google Canary is a different version of Google Chrome, specifically targeted at developers. Google describes Canary build as bleeding edge. Basically, all the new upgrades to Chrome are first tested out on Canary and then spread to the larger audience.

This is not the only update Google has put out in the development. Earlier, we saw a new feature in Chrome for Android which suspended tabs after five minutes of inactivity.

Chrome has never seen any massive update after its debut in 2008. And it seems like Google has finally set eyes on its best project. It would be interesting to see what new features would be coming in for the most used browser in the market right now.

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