VPN Plus for iOS. Faster and Safer VPN for iPhone and iPad

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vpn plus for iOS

VPN Plus aims to be a faster, safer and more stable VPN app for iOS devices.

It connects to VPN server instantly, less than half an second. User data is transferred at full speed, unlike other VPNs that treat VIP and free-trial users differently, VPN Plus serve all users as fast as possible.

VPN Plus is safer. No login information is required, no logs kept on servers.

Built on Apple Network Extension framework, VPN Plus is very stable. In lab tests, the app can keep running for more than 12 hours streaming videos without crashing. And the app itself consumes little CPU resource.

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How to Use

Accept GDPR Policy Before Making the First Connection

  • Open the app, press on the Connect button.
  • A dialog pops up for the GDPR user policy. Accept the agreement.
  • iOS tries to add a VPN configuration.
  • After VPN configuration is added, the app establishes VPN connection automatically.

Change Server and Network Protocol

Press the flag button, select a server from the list.

Both UDP and TCP are supported, UDP is a bit faster and is the default protocol the app uses.

TCP can be used behind more restrictive firewalls which only allow HTTP or HTTPS.


VPN Plus is Free

VPN Plus is supported by ads, and free to use.